A Sustainable Low-Cost Cocoa Alternative for Cocoa-Free Chocolate Products

The Company will replace both cocoa powder and cocoa butter in the formulation of dark chocolate, creating a healthier and cheaper cocoa substitution.

Welcome to Mangifera Cocoa Ltd.

MangiFera Cocoa Ltd. is a manufacturer of cocoa-free chocolate and cocoa replacement compounds with an aim to develop formulations to replace cocoa butter partially and completely with healthier & cheaper substitutions. MangiFera aims to make future-proof chocolate using a unique combination of ingredients. Due to the easy availability and cost-efficiency, the company will use a unique combination of carob, oak flour, and roasted soybean to replace cocoa in chocolates. Carob has several advantages over chocolate. It does not contain oxalic acid, stimulants, caffeine, or theobromine, and is virtually fat-free and high in calcium.

Problems To Solve


Cocoa is a critical cash crop for West African farmers, many of whom own just a few acres of land and can't afford chocolate themselves. Cocoa farmers usually clear tropical forests to plant new cocoa trees rather than reusing the same land. That practice has spurred massive deforestation in West Africa, particularly on Ivory Coast.


Global demand for cocoa butter products is rising, but the production of cocoa butter is not meeting the demand, and the availability of this fat is also limited. Although cocoa butter has many benefits, it is still high in fat and calories. It must be consumed with caution if a person is suffering from obesity or reducing caloric intake.


Caffeine is the most popular drug in the world. Caffeine is a psychoactive drug associated with raised blood pressure and panic attacks despite its vast benefits. Evidence of violent behaviour has also been reported in adolescents consuming caffeine. Moreover, pregnant women are at high risk for depression and anxiety if they consume caffeine.

Our Solution

Manufacture cocoa-free chocolates and cocoa replacement compounds

Unique combination of carob, oak flour, and roasted soybean. To replace cocoa in chocolates. Formulation is free of caffeine, theobromine, and cholesterol. Dark chocolate is produced by both partial and total replacement of cocoa. Solves problem related to caffeine. High content of bioactive compounds Carob is the perfect cocoa substitute.

Substitute cocoa butter with nutritious alternatives which are inexpensive

Formulations to partially and completely replace cocoa butter With healthier & cheaper substitutions Cocoa butter substitute Made up of hydrolyzed collagen and mango seed fat rich in protein content Will have a similar fatty acid profile to cocoa butter.

Our Products

Cocoa-free Powder

Cocoa-free Butter

Cocoa-free Chocolate


Sustainable Cocoa Substitute
Anti – Fat Bloom Properties
Reduced Production Costs
Locally Available Raw Materials


"Good For Health"
John Doe
"Cost Effective"
"Great Taste"
Mitali Ray

meet The Team

Jacob George Samuel


He is a Senior Management Executive with 25 years of progressive experience. He had worked as Accountant, Senior Sales Executive, Senior Manager, General Manager and Chief Operations Officer. As Chief Executive Officer of Mangifera Cocoa Ltd., Mr. Samuel hopes to utilize his prior experience to satisfy short- and long-term company objectives and capitalize on new business opportunities. His extensive leadership skills ensure the success of Mangifera Cocoa Ltd. in the Canadian market.

Salman Rafikbhai Adam Patel


He is a goal-oriented business owner with 14 years of experience. He has a superior understanding in Agro products and the Agricultural market. He had worked as Administrator, Partner, and Sole Proprietor. As Chief Technology Officer of Mangifera Cocoa Ltd., Mr. Patel builds workflow and processes to ensure the success of teamwork and use the shortest path to achieve the target making him a strong asset for Mangifera Cocoa Ltd. ensuring the tech advantage for it in the Canadian market.

Earl Vijay Joy


He is a highly entrepreneurial sales and marketing professional with over 15 years of progressive international business experience in Sales, Marketing, Operations and Business Development. He had worked as Sales Executive, Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager and Business Development Manager. As Chief Business Development Officer of Mangifer Cocoa Ltd., Mr. Joy’s adaptive and deadline-oriented ability with the capacity to execute and complete multiple projects in high-stress environments will benefit Mangifera Cocoa Ltd. in its transition to the Canadian market.

Antarpreet Kaur Bains


She is a personable, intelligent, and well-spoken business owner with 13 years of experience. She had worked as Business Manager and Proprietor. As Chief Marketing Officer of Mangifera Cocoa Ltd., Mrs. Bains’s in-depth knowledge in areas of strategic marketing, recruiting, and people relations will be vital for its ability to thrive in Canada.

Angad Singh


He is an intelligent businessman with 15 years of experience. He had worked as Guest Services Manager, Proprietor and Partner. As Chief Operating Officer of Mangifera Cocoa Ltd., Mr. Singh’s ability to optimize the company’s operating capabilities, employ strategies to maximize customer satisfaction, and manage marketing initiatives will ensure that Mangifera Cocoa Ltd. continues to expand and surpass its short-and-long-term KPIs in the Canadian market.

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